About Us

Ayanda Naturals was born out of our founder, Sibonginkosi Mlalazi’s own personal struggles with her skin. At some point she was spending a small fortune per month on skincare products, and nothing seemed to work, and in 2019 a friend introduced her to natural skincare and for the first time in a long time, her skin responded well.

In January 2020, Sibonginkosi set out to research the natural beauty market and soon realised that a lot of people are gravitating towards it, as they are now more conscious about what they put on their skin. After months of trialling different products, the Ayanda Naturals team soon settled on what the product offering would be and then worked towards launching the business.

Ayanda Naturals is a business that seeks to help people distressed by their skin and looking for a solution that actually produces results. The business believes in slow beauty – which is a concept that acknowledges that there is no quick fix to skin problems, but however through consistency good, healthy and glowing skin can be achieved.